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K-Lab (K&K Scientific)

Our assumptions are often merely ‘educated guesses’. That’s why we rea…

‘It’s all good when life gives you Chocomel’


‘It’s all good when life gives you Chocomel’


‘It’s all good when life gives you Chocomel’


A good book – Overzicht van werk in periode 1981 – 2002; John Körmeling | ISBN 90-73285-28-3

All about me! – My remarkable life in show business; Mel Brooks | ISBN: 9781529159585

Conversational capital –How to create stuff people love to talk about; Bertrand Cesvet | ISBN: 9780137145508

Damn good advice – For people with talent; George Lois | ISBN: 9780714863481

De grote hoop – tips en wenken van Jan Vos uitgelegd aan Jacques Plafond; Wim T. Schippers Rogier Proper | ISBN: 9789023453185

De leefstijlgids tegen somberheid; Bjarne Timonen | ISBN: 9789493272088

Does it matter? – Essays on man’s relation to materiality; Alan Watts | ISBN: 9781577315858

Een dure grap; HuMobisten | ISBN: 9789090203850

Ferdydurke; Witold Gombrowicz | ISBN: 9789022600276

Get in the van – On the road with Black Flag; Henry Rollins | ISBN: 9781880985243

Great moments In chocolate history – With 20 classic recipes from around the world; Howard-Yana Shapiro | ISBN: 9781426214981

Gulliver’s Travels; Jonathan Swift | ISBN: 9781483799599

In het huis van de dichter; Jan Brokken | ISBN: 9789045037721

Learning to love you more; Miranda July/Harrell Fletcher | ISBN: 9783791337333

Medium is the massage – An inventory of effects; Marshall Mcluhan/Quentin Fiore (co-written by Susan Sontag/Bruno Munari) | ISBN: 9780141035826

Net niet verschenen boeken; Gummbah | ISBN: 9789061699545

Sjakie en de chocoladefabriek; Roald Dahl | ISBN: 9789026142932

Steal this book; Abbie Hoffman | ISBN: 9780306847172

The cosmobiography of Sun Ra – The sound of joy is enlightening; Chris Raschka | ISBN: 9780763658069

The knight in rusty armor; Robert Fischer | ISBN: 978-0879804213

Worstward ho!; Samuel Beckett | ISBN: 9780714540061

Kaufman&Kaufman say :
With friends like these . . .

Our assumptions are often merely ‘educated guesses’. That’s why we reach out to the biggest brainiacs around and ask ’em to shoot holes in our hypotheses. Meet those sons-o-guns here:

Prof. M. van der Lee

Mariëtte van der Lee is kind of an enigma. Only a handful of pics worldwide show merely a shadow of her, she has almost non-existing SoMe presence, no website and is infamous for never picking up the phone. Classic brig-driving-garage-owner we suppose… Despite (read: because of) all this her status as a public relations specialist is impeccable. Responsible for some of the decade’s most successful storytelling cases, she’s a high flying pennant on the UvA’s proudly waving flag.

B. Timonen, MSc

Apart from singing in hardcore punk band ‘The North’ and getting mixed up in a couple of martial arts, Bjarne Timonen experienced few brain-destroying hobbies. And it shows. He’s a trained (and practicing) psychologist, an entrepreneur (fighting the lack of adequate mental health care from within the market) and a celebrated author. His highly praised ‘Leefstijlgids tegen Somberheid’ (Lifestyle guide against gloom) offers readers practical tools to climbing back into the light.

F. Verheij, LL.M

Our go-to legal entity Frank Verheij is focussed on solutions. Which might sound the accustomed thing to do for any lawyer, but unfortunately represents a breath of fresh air in the brawly world of legal affairs. Instead of stubbornly getting on with warfare, Frank’ll urge you to “agree to disagree”. A thing he could have picked up in Nijmegen’s strong ‘peace pipe’ community when studying at the highly regarded Radboud University. We will probably never know.

M. Witteman, PE

Environmental scientist slash designer slash creative Merel Witteman likes to keep (and make) things logical. Throw this in a bowl with Witteman’s hands-on mentality, urge to get to the bottom of things and ambition to provoke positive change on a planetary scale, shake it around and… ‘Voilà!’ her signature dish, the ‘Witteman’ translates scientific problems into palpable stories while bringing design thinking into academic research.

Kaufman&Kaufman say :
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